Unfiltered Thoughts: Urban Bicyclists

In the past two days, I have had encounters with two, TWO, bicyclists. Both heading north on the sidewalk that is next to the southbound lanes on a major road. Both hollering and waving arms about to try to get my attention, since, in both instances, I was turning right and and therefore, had no reason to look to my right before I turned.

So my message to them both is this: If I am driving and you are on the sidewalk, 1) there is no expectation that I should be looking to my right to turn right, so F off. 2) Did you know that you can get ticketed for riding the “wrong” direction on the sidewalk? If you’re going north, get on the northbound sidewalk on the other side of the road. Look, I get it. Urban biking is dangerous. I should know. I do it. And I’ve almost been hit twice – by a CITY BUS. Both times. So I know that the onus is on you, dear cyclist, to exercise the utmost caution. And I understand why you don’t want to ride in the street. So, how about you NOT YELL AT DRIVERS to look the other f*cking way before they turn and give them dirty looks when they don’t look your direction. Because they don’t have to.

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