The End is Near. Or Is it?

As I said in my last post, I am scheduled to be laid off next Friday. But it turns out I need to revisit what I said there. As it turns out, I *was* scheduled to be laid off.

The head of the museum’s registration department came to me, and said that her department was working on a collections management inventory project and could give me some hours until the inventory was complete. Meaning I could delay the arrival of the inevitable final paycheck for a few weeks. Despite me being completely and utterly out of give a sh*ts about museum work – and museum collections management work specifically, not to mention working for this museum in particular – I need a paycheck. So while I said that yes, I would take her up on her offer, I also sensed that this was one of the first of the many, many sacrifices I would make as a new parent: my pride. My work in my position as exhibit writer is over, I will now (effective tomorrow) be reporting to work as a member of the museum’s registration department. A temporary employee, but an employee receiving a paycheck for a few more weeks. And that’s all that counts right now.