Chicks Who Rock

I was sitting in the driveway rocking out to “Goodbye Stranger” when My Better Half came out to see what the hold up was. When he saw I was rocking out he said “Y’know Supertramp is ALWAYS on some station, isn’t it?!” I said “Maybe. But this is on the iPod. It’s on the ‘Chicks who rock’ playlist.”

My Better Half: “Uh…you realize Supertramp is dudes, right?”

Me, jamming out to the falsetto section: “Is it? Is it reaaaaaly?”

By the way, Queen is on that playlist too.

In Which My Netflix Recommendations Get Screwy

My dad just got a Kindle Fire. And since he doesn’t have a Netflix account, I logged in as me on his Fire so he could stream whatever he wants to watch. And he’s been enjoying it a lot, watching all kinds of things.

The problem is that now Netflix thinks I want to watch all kinds of things that I really, really don’t. To be fair, that was already an issue because My Better Half™ watches all kinds of archaeology & nature documentaries that I couldn’t care less about. But now my Netflix recommendations are SO off it’s laughable. I might enjoy Jane Eyre? Hells to the no. Hello Dolly? Goodbye Netflix!

I like to imagine that someone was standing by some giant dot matrix printer spitting out something like a seismograph chart that plots out everyone’s likes and dislikes and when mine came along, they noticed something so off that they hit an alarm and are now have hired herds of people to work around the clock to recalibrate their suggestions algorithms.

Too Cool for Cool Tunes

My friend Doug once famously said, “I’m over trying to be cool anymore. I’m too old. I just don’t have time for it. It’s fucking exhausting.” It’s funny because it’s true. Especially when it comes to music.

I happen to live in a really kick-ass part of the Phoenix metropolitan area. My ‘hood has the best independent bookstore in the valley, great restaurants, and one of the remaining independent music stores.

Wait. What was that last one? Did you just hear the needle scratch sound effect too or was that just me?

I almost never buy CDs anymore, and obviously I’m not alone. I remember being seriously annoyed when I had to replace all of my tapes with CDs to maintain and replicate my collection of tunes. Then I was annoyed again when everything went to iTunes, but I sighed and dutifully went about uploading all my CDs so I could listen to my music on my iPod. And then I went to eMusic, but am now considering dumping the whole iTunes world altogether in favor of Pandora & Spotify. Why? Well, Pandora is like the independent radio station the friends who used to make me mix tapes and introduce me to artists & tunes I wouldn’t have otherwise known. And in today’s musical landscape, it can be hard to separate the How did I live before I knew about these guys (think: Foals) from the Don’t even try to tell me THIS SHIT is ‘music’ and so help me God, if you do, I will unfriend you (I’m looking at you, insipid Ke$ha). And Spotify to replace the idea of iTunes and the record store – giving me access to my shit 24/7 without me having to deal with the upkeep. But, lest you think I am contemplating this shift without exasperation, I give you an audible “harumph.”

I am Officially Old™, because I am too tired to keep up with good music. So please, please. Don’t ask me to switch platforms again. I am done.