In Which I Discover the Effects of Living in Arizona Too Long

My Better Half™: “Her little dimple is SO cute!”

Me: “She has a dimple?! Where??”

My Better Half™: “Right there!”

Me: “Oh my God, she DOES! It IS cute! How have I not noticed that before? Do you have a dimple?”

My Better Half™: “Yeah, over here.”

Me: “Do I have a dimple?”

My Better Half™: “I can’t tell if that’s a dimple or a wrink-le…”

Me: “What?? A WRINKLE??”

My Better Half™: “uh, nothing…” <walks away>

Note to Self: More sunscreen and moisturizer. Daily.

How Bad Did I Look Before?

I’ve been free of the museum job and the Boss for two months now, and met my friends for a drink after work this evening. The first thing my BFF said was “You look GREAT! The lines on your face have gone WAY down!”

So it’s not just me. I felt like that my museum job took years off my life, and other people saw it too. Can I sue for pain, suffering, and the cost of Restylane?