My Childhood Home

My parents sold my childhood home today. Sigh. It had to happen. It just makes me all nostalgic for all those memories. Using the clothesline for a GI Joe zipline (Yes, I was a tomboy). Playing in the backyard, the tire swing, the “forest” down the road, and the field behind the house. Staying inside on snow days and watching the snow fall through the enormous dining room windows.

I guess this will have to do for whenever I want to revisit that place.


Work Less for More Happiness

I’ve always said that I would gladly work fewer hours for less money in order to have more time off. My favorite work schedule ever was a 32 hour workweek. Sure, I didn’t make a ton of money. Guess what? I still don’t!

But my current 40 hour workweek doesn’t leave me time for the things I used to spend my free time doing – long hikes with my dogs, trying out new recipes, exploring the library for something new to read. In part, all of that was a major lifestyle change that happened when I moved from Nashville to Flagstaff, where I learned to cherish the experiences that come from being in an outdoorsy small town over the things that money can buy. So while some might read the intro to this NYTimes article & think, “This chick be crazy!” I’m thinking I should follow in her footsteps…