Reason #4 I Love My New Job

Two words: air conditioning.

Now I will be the first to admit that my pregnancy weight gain hasn’t exactly made me a hot-air balloon…yet, but then again, I could have stood to lose some weight to begin with. But I’ve really tried my hardest to clean up my bad eating habits while pregnant – I didn’t want gestational diabetes on my hands, the mere thought terrified me, in fact. And becoming pregnant seemed to be just what I needed to snap me out of my sh*tty eating habits, even if only temporarily – that baby didn’t need cheez-its, it needed vegetables. It didn’t need diet coke, it needed water. And it didn’t need ice cream. Oh wait, yeah it still needed that. But that you must forgive me for. It is F*cking hotter than hell here year-round after all. And when you’re pregnant? Even if you don’t live in Phoenix, it is hotter than hell everywhere you go. Even in the over air conditioned indoors.

That’s one thing I really hate about living here. It seems like almost anywhere you go here, people WAY overcompensate for the heat outdoors by leaving their air conditioning at frigid temps. Just because it’s 120 outside doesn’t mean I need it to be 68 inside…

Well, usually anyway. But these days? Feels GREAT. Case in point: my cubicle at my new job is right under the air-conditioning vent, and every last one of my coworkers complains about how they are FREEEEZING all the time. And I’m thinking “yeah, isn’t it AWESOME?!” When I wander away from my cube, I feel like I’m right back in the Tennessee humidity & heat in July as I sweat through whatever I’m wearing in a matter of seconds. One of my biggest worries about starting a new job this pregnant was how I’d be able to sit still for 9 hours a day – due to not only the physical discomforts that accompany sitting but also my mind being almost completely distracted by getting ready for Baby! Luckily, I find that it’s easy to sit under this arctic blast all day while I work mentally prep for Baby.