It has long been clear to both My Better Half™ and me that Batman is the best superhero ever. It’s not even up for debate. I don’t think it ever has been. At this point, it’s been a fact so long that I don’t know the origins of this truth. Did we come to establish it as fact through conversation one night? Or did we each have the same feelings about the pantheon of superheroes prior to meeting one another and discover our similar views one night? No clue. But it doesn’t matter since we know this truth to be self evident.

We have different reasons for believing that Batman is the best. And they’re both equally valid. I think Batman rules because he has a sidekick, Robin. Whether you’re fighting crime or just going about your day, it’s always better to have a sidekick at your, well, y’know. My Better Half™ says it’s because he’s merely a mortal, just a regular guy. He’s not relying on supernatural powers or alien traits to help him in his quest to redeem Gotham from crime & corruption. It’s purely motivation and hard work.

We’ve discussed this many, many times. But only yesterday, when we were talking to the Toddler about superheroes, a topic she is starting to gain some awareness of thanks to daycare friends sporting “Piderman” shirts, did we realize one other thing that fuels Batman. It’s still mostly motivation and hard work.

But also ungodly sums of money. Let’s not forget that. Minor detail.

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