In Which My Netflix Recommendations Get Screwy

My dad just got a Kindle Fire. And since he doesn’t have a Netflix account, I logged in as me on his Fire so he could stream whatever he wants to watch. And he’s been enjoying it a lot, watching all kinds of things.

The problem is that now Netflix thinks I want to watch all kinds of things that I really, really don’t. To be fair, that was already an issue because My Better Half™ watches all kinds of archaeology & nature documentaries that I couldn’t care less about. But now my Netflix recommendations are SO off it’s laughable. I might enjoy Jane Eyre? Hells to the no. Hello Dolly? Goodbye Netflix!

I like to imagine that someone was standing by some giant dot matrix printer spitting out something like a seismograph chart that plots out everyone’s likes and dislikes and when mine came along, they noticed something so off that they hit an alarm and are now have hired herds of people to work around the clock to recalibrate their suggestions algorithms.