Card Carrying Member of the Mom (Jeans) Club

A few years ago, I scored these really cute jeans at the second-hand shop, but I never wore them until this week. I don’t remember if I ever even tried them on at the store, but it doesn’t matter – between gaining weight in recent years and then that whole being pregnant thing, they were aspirational jeans, left in a pile with all the other “maybe someday I’ll fit into these” clothes.

I found them when I was packing away my “winter” clothes (I do live in PHX, so ‘winter’ clothes, not actual winter clothes) and switching them out for my spring and summer clothes. I tried them on and squealed with glee that they fit. They’re cute. And MAN are they comfortable. They have a lot of stretch and give – it’s almost like I’m wearing


Holy SH*T.

Are these PAJAMA JEANS?!

Not possible. When did those even start, anyway? Surely *after* I got these, right?! (I’m serious, actually. I think I scored these in about 2008, so…before Pajama Jeans became a thing, right?) Right?

OMG. Just go ahead and put a “middle aged” target on my back.

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