Another Problem Only for Upper Middle Class Moms

So I tried the meetup group thing again. This time, it wasn’t all about women who hate PHX, it was all about women for whom daycare is beneath them. Down to the very last mom, every mom was either looking into Montessori or already had their child enrolled in one. Except for me.

Don’t get me wrong – I love Montessori. I myself went to a Montessori-style elementary school and it was an amazing school. I would love nothing more than to be able to send my daughter to Montessori. But the reality is that, at least right now, it ain’t happening. I’ve looked into the Montessori schools here. They are, without exception:

  • highly expensive. Every single one costs as much as infant daycare, the priciest of all daycare ages
  • designed for the affluent mom. The longest ‘full-day’ any of them offer is 8:30-2:00. “Hey work? I’ll be rolling in around 9:15 each day because I’ve got to drop Baby off at nursery school. Oh, and I’m sure you’ll have no issue with me leaving at 1:15, too, k? thx!” So, in addition to being able to pay as much as I’m currently paying for daycare, I also still gotta come up with the cash forĀ  daycare on top of a ‘full day’ Montessori school…or just have my nanny schlep her back home after school & take care of her til I roll home. No wait – it doesn’t make financial sense to work just to pay for my nanny, so I’ll just be a stay at home mom.

And why should I trust the educational chops of a school that is named Tempe Montessori…when it’s located in the city of Mesa?!