Yup, this one’s about the weather

Today is a nearly-May miracle. It’s been only 72 and it’s rainy-ish.

Let me repeat that. Seventy two degrees.

Look, I get how perfect that might sound to you, Dear Readers, who may still be mired in winter. In fact, some of our friends came in town this weekend *because* they couldn’t stand yet another snowstorm and so decided at the last second to come here. They’ve invited us over to their hotel to hang by and in the pool all weekend. Here’s how that conversation went:

But it’s freezing!

“What are you talking about, it’s 70 degrees today and supposed to be almost 90 tomorrow!”

Like I said, freezing.

Maybe unless you’ve lived in a climate like this, it’s hard to relate to loving rainy, gray days as a byproduct of hating so much sunshine & warmth. But I do. (And I’m not alone.)

So while they’re hanging in shorts & swimsuits, I’ll be inside, curled up on the couch under a blanket, sipping hot coffee, and watching a movie with the Dawdler.

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