blech. sick.

My life since last Thursday can be summed up as: alternating between tylenol and sudafed every 4-6 hours. I feel awful. I think it’s safe to say that I have been more sick since Baby was born than any other time in my life. Even though I managed to get a few catnaps this weekend and barely did anything besides lay around moaning, I stil felt straight up awful this morning. But I decided to go to work anyway because I have no sick time anyway and thought I could at least tough it through the morning with more sudafed and tylenol, like I did last week.

So I was sitting around literally counting the moments until I could bail, feeling just shitty, when my boss asked if I could go to the training workshop today in her stead. Why? “I feel so sleepy! My cats kept me up ALL night!”

I’m sorry. What?

Your kitty cats? You mean the ones that require constant vigilant supervision, feeding, bathing, entertaining, diapering, and soothing? Oh, wait, no. That would be my nine month old. That I took care of all weekend with, I’m quite certain, the flu. So pardon me if I’m out of give-a-shits.

It’s Great to Have a Baby When…

You show up to a work party at someone’s house and discover that they have 7, that’s right SEVEN, cats. And you are allergic to cats. And one of the cats helps itself to making a bed out of your baby’s carseat the moment you put it down. And the homeowner tells you “The only cat you wanna watch out for is Bitsy, who tends to attack without reason or warning. And, yes, he has his claws. So you might want to watch your baby around him.”

Oh, would you look at that? It’s the baby’s naptime! So sorry I can’t stay longer! Or something like that. And by “something like that,” I mean I need to get the HELL out of this crazy ass cat hole.