A New National Holiday

Dawdler Toddler has been learning about the rhythm of the week – which days are weekdays, which are weekends. Which days Mommy is working, which ones Daddy goes to work, and which ones are days when she goes to school. But she’s also getting a handle on the rhythm of the year too vis a vis holidays. For instance, Christmas and Halloween come up in conversation from time to time. So on Monday, we used the day at home all together as an opportunity to talk about the Memorial Day holiday. While we didn’t stray much into the purpose of the holiday, we talked about how on some special days, we all stay home from work and school and spend the day together. Most importantly, we framed our discussion about how sometimes holidays mean special foods – that sometimes on a holiday like Memorial Day, we might have a cook out with burgers and watermelon or even go camping and make foods over a campfire. I told her that after dinner, she was going to help me make a special dessert.

She pestered me the rest of the day (I’m ready for DINNER! aka it’s time to get on that special dessert, lady!) and finally, after dinner, she helped me assemble s’mores, a treat that was new to her. She enjoyed breaking up the graham crackers and carefully placing a marshmallow on each cracker. I did the chocolate part because, let’s face it, she would have just eaten all the chocolate before it even got to the assembly line. When it came time to eat them, she declare that they were sticky, and also “licious” (she leaves off the de-)*.

The next morning, getting her up and ready for school, she asked “Mommy? Is it still s’morial day?” No, sweetie. Memorial Day was only yesterday. And s’morial day is not until August 10.

* also leaves the di- off of “disgusting” so foods she does not like are just “SGUSTING!”

A Candy Hangover

Last night was probably my last Halloween spent doing anything other than trick-or-treating for awhile. Next year Baby will be well past 2, and she will undoubtedly demand tromping around begging for the good stuff. After all, her first solid food was actually Peppermint Patty, given to her at four months when we came home from my BFF’s wedding with mini York Peppermint Patties in hand, much to My Better Half™’s dismay startlement. (Yeah, I know, that’s not a word).

At any rate, Baby dressed up in a hand-me-down teddy bear outfit, but only for long enough for us to take this picture.


As you can see, she HATED wearing a costume. So we took it off and she just handed out candy to the 4 or 5 trick or treaters we got in regular clothes. Even though she’s cute in a costume, she’s much cuter when not crying, so no costume it was. And that’s fine with us.

But here’s something to make your trick-or-treating tummyache better. Don’t lie, you know you stole some Tootsie Pops out of that bag!