Yes, Virginia, There is Such a Thing as ‘Too Much Coffee’

This morning, baby woke up to feed at 2 a.m. and, as is her usual pattern these days, just needed a little top-off to get her back to sleep, so she was back out within 10 minutes. Me, on the other hand, could not get back to sleep.

At all.

So when it came time to get up, I stumbled into the kitchen to get the coffee that I so desperately would require to make it through a workday. I poured a gigantic mug full and drank it, and packed another mug for the road. Drank most of it en route.

When I got to work, I poured another cup.

And now I feel ill.

Seeking Personal Intern

I’m catching up on email after the weekend, and there is a tremendous amount of it. I should clarify: personal email. I have found that I do not have time to get online on the weekends. At all. My hats off to those professional mom-bloggers who do have the time have hired help to watch their little ones. But I don’t have time to check (and, more importantly, respond to my email), write a blog post, or just scroll through gawker. And while I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything, it does feel overwhelming to open that inbox come Monday morning. Just another reason I’ve decided I could use a personal intern to help cope with everyday demands (read: anything lower on my priority list than (1) hanging with baby, (2) walks with baby, and (3) napping with baby) on my time and energy. So, here goes:

Funky-Ass Monkey, Inc.

Position Description: Funky-Ass Monkey, Inc. is a small, privately held company focused on writing and editing. Our mission is to help call attention to items that deserve both rants and raves. We’re looking for an intern who is genuinely interested in helping us grow comedy, baking, photography, babies, and reality tv that is of the highest quality of the lowliest, most awful television life form.

This entry-level position is ideally suited for a student wishing to gain experience or someone interested in a career change in web-publishing and/or writing and editing making coffee, checking email, dropping off and picking up dry cleaning, vacuuming, and running errands as needed.

You might be the right candidate if you possess:

Excellent written and verbal communication skills

Strong organizational and time-management skills

An eye for detail

The ability to proactively identify and solve problems

A sense of humor

A strong understanding of the importance of naps, diet coke, and dog walks

A music catalogue that enables you to dispel any earworm that gets stuck in my head with a better replacement

The ability to draw the wickety wak scenes that spring forth from my imagination

While this position is unpaid, I can offer a flexible work schedule, close proximity to my awesomeness, nearly unlimited coffee, diet coke, and leftovers, yummy baked goods, my dogs’ undying devotion, and a casual work environment.

Interested applicants should submit a cover letter that tells me why you think you’d be the right fit for the position.

Chocolate Monster

Thanks to all the holiday goodies, I find myself back at work, sitting in my cube jonesing for my next fix. It’s 2:00. Where the bleep is my sugar?! How will I get through this day?! This is bad.