pants off

Baby has been sick since last weekend January but luckily, My Better Half™ and Dawdler Toddler have been fine. In fact, Dawdler came up to me last night and said “Mommy? My tummy hurts!” That’s her way of saying “I’m hungry.”

Usually, anyway. But this time, it was her way of saying “Mommy? I’m about to barf in your lap in 3…2…”

Oh man. I just stared at My Better Half™ in disbelief, both of us frozen, not knowing what to do. I knew if I freaked out, she would just feed off that and also get all freaked out herself, so I kindly asked him to please relocate her to the bathroom while I figured out what to do about my barf-covered lap. And the couch. Luckily, our slip cover is both machine washable and bleachable, so I took the cover off the cushion, and thought, well, as long as we’re doing a disgusting load of laundry, I might as well wash my barf-covered shorts, too.

So when I entered the bathroom to check on them, I told My Better Half™ “Sorry. I was so stunned I didn’t know what to do!”

Him: “Taking your pants off and walking away. That sounds about right. Totally appropriate for the situation.”

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