Monday’s Off to a Good Start

As is often the case, I had no time for a shower this morning, but I ran the shower anyway to get my hair wet & steam my pants (because I had no time to iron either). And when I turned on the shower, I thought that there was a strange funk to the water. But whatever. Continued to get ready. Came out of the bathroom to grab coffee and get the baby ready and I thought, Actually the whole house has some strange funk to it.

Me to My Better Half: “Do you smell something?”

My Better Half: “No.”

Me: “Are you sure???”

My Better Half: “Yeah. What am I supposed to be smelling?”

Me: “Almost a moldy smell mixed with poo.”

My Better Half: “Definitely not.”

We get loaded in the truck, drop the baby off at daycare, stop for gas. While My Better Half is pumping gas, I still smell it. I roll down the window: “Does the whole city smell??”

My Better Half: “uh, no.” [eyes rolling]

I roll up the window. I smell my shoes – did I step in poo? No. No poo. I smell my sweater – did I get some nasty diaper action on my sleeve? No. Nothing. I smell my pants.

DEAR GOD. It’s MY PANTS. Since we are too far away from home to turn around, I just febreze myself before I get out of the truck. That should be fine, right?

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