Get Your Greasy Traps off my Baby

I was just at the library with Baby, and she was in her stroller just quietly watching everyone while I thumbed through a few books. I looked up to see that some 3 year old was pawing at her face with both hands. “Be gentle,” I said, wondering where the F this child’s parent was. Her mom piped up, “Just so you know, ma’am, I’ve never known my daughter to be anything BUT gentle!” Then she spent the next ten minutes making a show of telling her daughter, “Yes, I know you want to play with that baby. But that MOMMY doesn’t WANT you to play with the baby.”

Clearly I’m the bad guy here. I decided not to point out to her that ‘Be gentle’ was polite code for what I was really thinking.

News flash: Just because you think it’s okay for your daughter not to exercise any impulse control doesn’t mean others have to accommodate your excessively permissive parenting style.


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