Excessively Permissive Parenting, Take 2

Yesterday I was at the receiving end of a woman bitching about me to her 3 year old because I wouldn’t accommodate her excessively permissive parenting in letting her 3 year old manhandle Baby’s face.

Excessively permissive parenting seems to be a theme this weekend.

I just came back from Target, and in the baby section was a woman and her son, maybe 2 1/2 years old. Her son had taken something off the shelf and was running around with it in a game of Chase Me! He thought it was delightful, but the mom…not so much. So what did she do? She repeated “[Name], stop that.” At least 26 times.

I stopped counting after the first few dozen times. I don’t mean to sound like old-fashioned here, but hey, why not? I’m Officially Old™, anyway. But back in my day, no parent would have let their child get away with that. Do you know why your son wasn’t stopping it? Because your threats and warnings were…idle. They lacked any consequences and I guess you’re too tired to make an effort to redirect his attention to something else. If it didn’t work the first 20 times to tell him to stop, what makes you think that continually requesting that he stop will work?

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