Election Day

Today is election day, and I am thrilled. Not that we get to exercise our right to vote – although it is heartwarming to see the lengths that folks are going to in the wake of Sandy to exercise that right. But back to me, what I’m excited about is the end to an endless campaign. I’m over the robocalls, the mailbox full of campaign junk, the emails, and the ads. Dear God, the ads. I’ve forgone tv entirely for netflix for at least a month. Ever watch an entire TV series in one weekend? Cuz I have! (You totally should, by the way).

When the Republican primaries started, Baby wasn’t even born. Now, look at her:


She walks, she runs, she eats with a spoon. She’s even uttered at least 3 sentences (“Hi Kitties!”, “Me up please!” and “Me and Daddy!”). Pretty self-centered, isn’t she?

But back to the election. Every time election year YEARS roll around I lose my mind thinking about all of the money that gets poured into an election. If you want to hurl, click here to see the 2012 numbers. Actually, I’ll save you the math: Billions. Much of it inevitably wasted on the losing candidate. Imagine what could happen if those billions were spent not on nasty slurs and negative ads but on positive change. And I’m not talking Obama here. I’m talking about the potential impact that kind of money would make on the lives of individuals, families, and in communities if it were directed as charitable contributions to nonprofits intsead…

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