Best Argument I’ve Ever Heard for Going to Church

After a nearly sleepless night, during which baby slept no more than one continuous hour at a stretch, with long droughts of zero sleep in between, I was racking my sleep-deprived brain for things to do with baby today. I don’t really have any friends with babies nearby, so I can’t just call on one of them to hang out at their place. I’ve been on walk after walk after walk and it’s not even 10 a.m. Plus it looks like it’s going to rain any second. The malls don’t open til 11 and I don’t have any money anyway, even though they are indoor spaces to walk gawk at people. The zoo and the desert botanical garden are outrageously expensive, and given that baby is sick, we would probably have to forfeit most of a visit anyway, so I don’t feel like that expense is justified.

And that’s when My Better Half™ said “You know what is indoors and has free babysitting and is open this time and is free? Church!” Note to self: gotta find out timing of nearby church services for next Sunday. I think if I time it right, I could go from one service to the next, drop baby in babysitting for each service, and get in two naps! Followed by donuts.

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