Album Art App for Kids Books

After last night’s┬átrip to the children’s section at the library, I have been thinking about what could make it easier to search among a sea of 1/16″ thick spines for a good children’s book at the library, so you’re not crouched over, duck walking forward, yanking out tiny spine after tiny spine looking for something┬áremotely interesting. Someone needs to make an app that lets you type in a call number (or start at A and work your way forward) that displays your library’s collection in album art format so you can flip through the covers on your iPhone Droid and get a visual idea of what’s in front of you (and maybe even descriptions and reviews, too!) so you can avoid picking out such sh*t as Goodnight Moon and instead discover kids’ books worth reading and illustrations worthy of your discerning eye.

Someone get on that, would you?

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