(un)lucky day

Today is my lucky day. I came thiiiiiiiis close to somebody T-boning me on my way to work. I had just pulled out of my driveway and started driving to work past my neighbors’ and was just starting to look for something to listen to when




This car comes backing out (at great speed, mind you) with no regard whatsoever to me being RIGHT. THERE. Like RIGHT THERE. I was so busy swerving that I didn’t have time to react and find the horn.


Wait a minute.

You mean I came thiiiiiiiis close to getting my car totaled? My piece of shit car that I have come to despise and pray for it to die peacefully in its sleep (as opposed to violently on the side of the interstate)? And it would have happened in an accident that would’ve left me completely unharmed and been 100% somebody else’s fault? And I would’ve gotten an insurance check (cha-ching!) for someone to take the piece of shit* off my hands?


This is not my lucky day.


* Full disclosure: I realize that in the grand scheme of things this would not actually have solved any problems. a) My car is not entirely a piece of shit. It has, after all, loyally and unquestioningly given me 13 solid years, 177,000+ miles, and at least two epic cross-country road trips from AZ to TN & back. But it passed its prime long ago for sure. It has been overheating daily for at least three weeks. It is too small to hold the Toddler’s Dawdler’s carseat because the power seat, long ago broken, will not move forward enough to accommodate it. In fact it *barely* accommodates Baby’s carseat. And then there’s cosmetic issues, not the least of which is that its coat, once a lustrous jet black, is now speckled gray metal molting tiny threads of black paint that get stripped off daily thanks to 13 years in Arizona. Basically it looks like it walked off the set of Mad Max. In 1980.

But also b) then I would have no car as we cannot afford a new one. Where new = new to me only. Especially because insurance writes you a check for the value of the car as it is today, not the price of a new (even new to me) car. Which in my case is about $1400, give or take. In other words, I could buy a sweet ass bike for that! Which would be delightful in 120 degrees. Between daycare for two children under the age of 3 and My Better Half™’s being chronically underemployed and woefully underpaid…there’s just no way.

So I’ll reluctantly call it a lucky day.

Unfiltered Thoughts: Halloween Costume edition

I like to say that I suck at coming up with Halloween costumes. And I do, but every once in awhile I have a good idea. It’s just that it comes at the wrong time. In this case, either 6 months too late or 6 months too soon, depending on how you look at it.

What is it? We take the top off the bike trailer, thus transforming it into a convertible. Whoever is the cyclist (me or My Better Half™) dresses like a horse, and the Toddler stands in it as a Roman Gladiator. Or, I suppose Katniss Everdeen, if you want a more contemporary analogy.

Probably unsafe. But you gotta admit, it’s a good one! Remind me of this in about 4 months, would you?