What is this ‘Vaca’?

I’m in LA for a couple different work things, and had dinner last night with my BFF & her fiance Josh in Santa Monica. I was mulling over their beer selection, and said something about how the beer I wanted was kinda pricey but since I was on vaca, I’d get it anyway. Then Josh tore me a new one. “Vaca?! VA-CA?? You are here for WORK. Yes, you might be out to dinner with friends, but this is no vaca.”

He went on to explain that, in his world, vacation is time off from work used 1) for fun and 2) not to visit family or go to a wedding or a funeral or a birthday party or anyone else’s event. By that definition, I have not had a vaca since Thanksgiving 2003. You read that: SEVEN YEARS. Because we live in Arizona but our family lives in Tennessee, Minnesota, Massachusetts, New York, California, any time off I take from work is for traveling to visit family. Especially since certain family members refuse to visit here. I can’t remember us having had any family visit us since January 2007.

That’s it. Plotting a summer vaca. A real vaca.